Print & Layout




We love to work in Indesign to build the layout for the album. Photoshop is another great asset, but hey! You can use whatever software you want.We have talked about the format, now it’s time to talk about the layout size. In the case of pocket size albums, you don’t have to do anything. We will take care of it.

Format Layout Size Cover size
20×20 20.3×40.0 25.0×48.5
20×24 20.3×48.0 25.0×56.5
20×30 20.3×60.0 25.0×68.5
30×20 30.5×40.0 35.0×48.5
30×30* 30.5×60.0 35.0×68.5
25×38* 25.4×76.0 30.0×84.5
30×40* 30.5×80.0 35.0×98.5


  • After you have chosen the format that is most suitable for your project, please be very careful when you design your layout. Choose the layout size from the table above. Dimensions are expressed in centimeters.
  • * Wedding Albums.



If you want to fully design your cover using photo paper, please take into account the table and the image above as an example for the 30×40 cm. format. In this case, the cover will be made from a single part: the front cover, the spine and the back cover are continuous.



Bleeding Line

0.25 cm will be cut on each side of the album. We know it’s not much, but we want you to take this detail into consideration.

Middle Lane

As you go through your layout design, take the middle lane into account.


Vorsatzt a.k.a. endpaper

The endpaper or end-paper are the leaves of paper before the title page and after the text. Yes, you can design that too, choose a soft material (red, white, cream or black) or let us choose one that’s more appropriate for your design.





We use photo paper for printing and we calibrate our mini labs even when we change the paper roll. To ensure a high quality print, all our input and output devices are calibrated and profiled periodically. You can choose Fuji Crystal Clear or Kodak Endura.


Monitor Calibration

Please use a calibrated and a profiled monitor. We recommend to calibrate your monitor at 65000 K and a gama point of 2.2.

Layout Export

After you have finished your layout, please export or save it as jpg file at 300 dpi in sRGB colour space.

If you want to preserve the sequence of your layout, please send us the files in this order: 01.jpg, 02.jpg , 03.jpg, etc. (vorsatzt included). For the cover, please rename it as: cover.jpg.



 Step#01: Format    |    Step#02: Materials    |    Step#03: Cover Design   |   Step#04: Print & Layout