Terms & Conditions.

Our main factory is located in a small city in northern Romania, Transylvania, Baia Mare. For every album that we send to you we double check it to be sure you will get a high quality end product. Many small details matter to get a nice looking final album.

And yes, your pictures will remain by us. We will not use nor distribute them in any way or under any circumstances. If it’s necessary we can write down an agreement and have it signed by both parties in no time.



Transylvania might be very far from your location, but you’ll have your album in as much as three weeks. You’ll be surprised to have it in two weeks or less.



We guarantee one year for the binding and twenty years for the print, if the album is being kept in normal conditions (library, away from direct sunlight).


Exchange/Return policy.

Upon receiving your album please inspect it carefully, both the content and condition. All claims for damaged or missing items must be reported to one of our sales representatives within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise either by email or by telephone.

We will only accept returns on non-personalized and untitled items. All custom orders, customized titled and, or personalized orders are non refundable. Any personalized items in which an error has been made by Take04 will be replaced and shipped to the customer at no additional charge.

Take04 will not exchange or replace any albums due to the layout design, missing images, colour or misplaced pictures. Take04 is not responsible for any damage caused from normal wear, abuse or neglect of wedding album.

No refunds or exchanges will be made after 14 days.


Technical Information.

For technical support you can write us in English, German or Spanish. / Para el soporte técnico, Uds. nos pueden escribir en Inglés, Alemán o Castellano. / Für technische Unterstützung Sie können uns auf Deutsch, Englisch oder Spanisch schreiben.